Adam Quirk

During his long career in the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Adam Quirk has primarily served as a diversion investigator, which is an investigator who looks into cases where legal deliveries of drugs are diverted to criminals before they get to their destination, like a pharmacy, hospital, clinic or treatment center. Because of his investigatory skills, Adam was often a team leader on long-term investigations.

At the DEA, Adam Quirk also conducted numerous security assessments for all sorts of DEA registrants, including manufacturers, distributors and treatment center personnel. Besides the DEA, Adam has worked in criminal justice and law enforcement at nearly every level, in both the public and the private sectors. He has investigated almost everything imaginable, including multi-jurisdictional and complex drug and violent crimes. Adam Quirk has also managed to execute hundreds of warrants, and he has conducted thousands of interrogations and screening interviews throughout the United States, as a function of his many security positions within the U.S. government. As much as he has done, however, Adam is always eager to keep up to date with his profession and he reads everything he can get his hands on and engages in continued law enforcement training.